My PHP scripts.
This page consits only my own, hand-made scripts

Finished Projects
Script Used Comment
PonyArts Gallery v2.1 HTML, CSS, PHP, GD, JS, AJAX, SQLite3, jQuery API + UI, HislideJS, deviantArt API, OpenAuth 2 Categorized PhotoArchive, with Vote System, Thumbnails generation, realtime User Statistic, Subscription & Notification system, Automated dA feed parcing, etc.
Your Movie Database HTML, PHP, JS (+jQ), AJAX, SQLite3, CSS (+FA-Font) Autonomic organaizer, which can help you to keep tracking what TV-shows/Movies you watched.
Distributives Database PHP, MySQL, JS, AJAX, CSS WebVersion of my software archive. Uses MySQL and AJAX, to compose results. Also generats answers for my Android app.